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More time. Less hassle.
A new type of computer for everything you love to do
For peace of mind
Chromebooks are automatically kept up to date, so you’ll always have the latest virus protection, along with the latest features like Voice Search. Best of all, your Chromebook won’t slow down over time.
Built-in protection
Virus protection, multiple layers of security, and verified boot help keep you safe from viruses, malware and other computer nasties.
Stays fresh, all by itself
Chromebook updates itself, for free. So you always have the latest and greatest version. No need for manual downloads and upgrades.
Low maintenance, high flexibility.
Starts fast, stays fast
Unlike traditional computers, Chromebook updates automatically so it doesn’t slow down over time.
Long battery life
With a long-life battery, you can leave your charger at home.
Work online or off
Keep getting stuff done when you’re disconnected from the Web by using offline apps like Gmail and Google Docs.
For picking up where you left off
Chromebooks stay synced with your Android phones & tablets, and everywhere you're signed in with your Google account - so your stuff stays with you, even when your laptop doesn't.
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