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Google for Education

Google for Education introduces an entire eco-system specifically designed for Education.  We know it can sound daunting, but your school doesn't have to embark on its Google journey alone.


GSA, is here to help schools get on board every step of the way with our White glove and Training services.


Chromebooks provide schools and students with highly capable devices for learning at affordable prices, uncompromising security, solid battery-life and performance in the classroom.

We carry a wide variety of Chromebooks from the best brands to suit your needs and budget.


Scribo, is the ultimate essay companion for Teachers and Students. Scribo's A.I. provides you with an extensive array of insights into your class' writing abilities, even before you read a single word.

With Scribo, you can now change the conversations you have in your class with meaningful targeted feedback.


Tired of paper-based administrative processes in your school? Tough to visualize and coordinate relief planning? Approva has got you covered!

Our Award winning application helps you plan, securely communicate and coordinate your resource planning efforts in school. 

Professional Development

Google Certified Educator Level 1 & Level 2, helps you solidify your foundations in GSuite and Digital Transformation within your school.

Get certified to transform your lessons and make the most out of Google's ecosystem.  Learn how to engage your students and manage technology issues effectively in the classroom.



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Amidst all the advances in technology, we have to consider that there still are some areas in the region and all over the world that have limited connectivity - or even none at all. “Connecting the Disconnected” may sound cliche to most, but it should not only revolve around the idea of bringing digital materials, electronic devices, or internet connectivity into the classroom.