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A.I. essay analysis platform

Let's face it, grading essays is a chore. 

Teachers burn hours of overtime just to mark essays and a whole lot more time to identify and collate points to discuss in class. 

That's why we built Scribo. 

We want to help teachers shave off hours grading essays and jump straight into what matters most;  Writing skill improvement for your  students!

Use Scribo any way you want.

Scribo, gives you six insight categories for each student and class. Have a conversation about one, two, three or all insights with your class, you decide!


Six Insight Categories

  • Topic

  • Cohesives

  • Paragraphs

  • Vocabulary

  • Sentences

  • Spelling & Grammar

Focus on Writing Improvement

Jump straight into the good, bad and ugly of your class' essays. Reinforce good writing habits from key extracts, identify common issues and areas of improvement together with your class...all without even reading or grading a single essay.   

Some example feedback generated by Scribo (you can dive deeper for most reports)

A.I. Assisted Grading

Grade manually using a Rubric, or let Scribo recommend a grade through a 6-point analysis matrix.  Don't worry, you'll still make the final decision and Scribo learns from your decisions to grade better the next time.


Personalized Student Reports

Scribo, combines its system- generated feedback with your grading and bespoke feedback to create a personalized report for each student. 


Report Sample


Scribo for Students

Scribo, gives students direct feedback for every draft they submit, allowing them to identify potential issues in their works early before submitting their masterpiece.


Learn More About Scribo


Learn how to use Scribo effectively


Download the

Scribo Whitepaper

Contact us at GSA Education for more information about Scribo.

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