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Sign up now! Google Certified Educator Level 1 Boot Camp

Join our Boot Camp Training, Google Certified Educator Level 1 to learn and prove your digital skills and knowledge to your school to make yourself stand out.

Here’s why you should sign up for the boot camp today!

1. Build Confidence with the latest Digital Learning Strategies and Google Tools

Exchanging of ideas and sharing of how extensive each tool can function differently for unique problems, will open your eyes to more capabilities to the G Suite tools that you may already familiar with day-to-day.

2. Become an Inspiration to the School's Learning and Creativity

The workshop is not just another technology program, it is also about finding ways to provide students with deeper learning experiences in the classroom. Through these experiences, spur and inspire creativity among themselves.

3. Promote Independence in Search for Answers and Support

You will find yourself searching for answers more confidently on your own instead of feeling stuck when you are faced with questions. Through the helpful support center, help forums, you will be able to find the assistance you need with ease.

4. Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership

In today's IT world, you are naturally in a growth mindset, ready for new technology that will help you learn and grow with your school. This makes you a lifelong learner!

5. Gain Royalty as a Google Certified Educator

Prove your skills by your sharing your badge in your email signature, blog, website, social professional profile. Be proud of it because you are part of an elite community that shares and grow together.


What You Will Learn

Part 1: Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership

  • Get Ready to Use Technology in Classroom

  • Expand Your Access to Help and Learning

Part 2: Increase Efficiency and Save Time

  • Have a (Mostly) Paperless Classroom

  • Save Time Communicating

  • Organize Activities for Yourself and Others

  • Bring Meetings Online

  • Bring Student Work Online

  • Measure, Understand, and Share Student Growth

Part 3: Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity

  • Teach Students Online Skills

  • Build Interactive Lessons

  • Captivate Your Class with Video

  • Facilitate Group Work

  • Promote Digital Citizenship and Positive Online Behaviour

Click here to view the full course in detailed >>>

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