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[Exclusive] Scribo FREE Full Access To All Features. T&C Apply.

Have you ever felt that grading extended writing texts such as an essay or report has taken too much of your time and energy? Here in Literatu, we understand teachers need an assistant sometimes to save time and energy for a cup of tea at the same time be twice productive!

Introducing the latest grading tool powered by Literatu with built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI) system, Scribo. We promise this will be one of the most powerful grading tool you’ve ever seen! Are you ready?

Scribo — bene scribere

So, what is Scribo? Scribo is the Latin verb for ‘write’. Our motto and mission is simply to help students ‘bene scribere’, write well.


More time, Better Insights for Student Growth

Scribo gives teachers more time and insights to grow student writing skills.

Using AI to do all the time intensive work, Scribo creates insights directly from student texts into a productive workspace for teachers — all before you read one word.

Versatile Grading On the Go

As a web-based grading platform, the powerful grading features in Scribo offer you the greatest marking experience anytime and anywhere. The instant insights right after your students submit their work give you an overview of your students performance and many more.


Complete Support for Teachers

Literatu’s research confirms that 90% of humanities teachers work at least 10 hours overtime a week. The 25% overtime hours is the time Scribo aims to give back. Scribo saves the time teachers spend reviewing texts, personalizing feedback and identifying writing skill gaps.

Getting interested in trying out Scribo? Contact us to grab your 7-days free trial now! Terms & Conditions apply.

Grade smart, grade with Scribo. — Powered by Literatu

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