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Chromebook You Shouldn't Miss In 2018

Nowadays, when we talk about using devices for teaching and learning in the school, Chromebook would definitely be on the top of the list. It is because students and educators often get a lot of advantages from using Chromebook that help them to solve the ‘common issues’ in the school with ease.

However, do you know that there are many different types of Chromebook models out there which may offer different user experiences? Choosing the right Chromebook for the right purposes would determine how well your Chrome experience be. Today, we will be showing you a Chromebook that you do not want to miss out in 2018 — Edxis Chromebook FLIP.

Edxis Chromebook FLIP

Let’s look at the reason why Edxis Chromebook FLIP is a Chromebook that you shouldn’t miss in 2018.

FLIP It The Way You Like

Edxis Chromebook FLIP gives you the versatility to use it whichever way you prefer. With the 360 degree flipping ability, it offers the best user experience from doing a common task like working on a Google doc on your lap or to do a presentation with your Chromebook in the Chromebook Presentation Mode.

Impact Resistant Body. Even Tougher Now.

With water and drop resistant, the Edxis Chromebook FLIP withstands up to 70cm accidental drops from the ground (desktop height) and the water resistant keyboard can channel up to 330ml of liquid away to prevent damage. The impact resistant design can now extend the life of the device even longer.

For Education. For Work. For Play.

One of the best thing about Edxis Chromebook FLIP that you shouldn't miss is the long battery life which offer you up to 12 hours of worry-less user experience. With the latest fanless design, you no longer have to feel ashamed using a noisy device in the library.

Edxis Chromebook FLIP is now available for enquiry at It is no doubt one of the best option for your next Chromebook upgrade!

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