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5 Reasons Why Schools Love Chromebook

"Why Chromebooks? Why more schools are using Chromebooks?"

Let’s face it - these days, we usually hear that schools are moving towards “bringing technology into the classroom”. However, among the array of computing devices readily available to educators and learners alike, here are a few reasons why schools opt to use Chromebooks:

Easy to use

Chromebooks boot up in eight seconds, therefore time is not wasted on waiting for the device to get going. This allows educators to have more time in teaching and students to focus on learning. Students can easily access their files anytime, anywhere online and offline* across devices because Chromebooks are built around the web browser.

Long battery life

Chromebooks have batteries that last for hours - some can even stay up to 14 hours**. This makes it convenient for students to do their activities within the classroom or to continue learning within the campus without worrying about where to plug their devices.

Strong security against virus attack

Chromebooks are designed to be secure and have multiple layers of security to protect against virus attack as well as hacking. Have a peace of mind knowing that all data are safe, even when sharing Chromebooks.

So okay, these features sound good. But what makes Chromebooks even more awesome?

Why are more schools using Chromebooks?

It is also because Chromebooks can be managed conveniently by the school’s IT administrators through the web-based console. From twenty to hundreds to thousands of Chromebooks, IT administrators’ lives are made easier by enabling them to do things with just a few clicks, even remotely: set digital policies, secure network connections, enable/disable hardware, push apps and extensions, customize wallpapers, bookmarks, etc. Software updates can be scheduled after school hours, so teachers and students are not disturbed.

There are a whole bunch of cool stuff that Chromebooks can do. In a nutshell, Chromebooks help students, teachers, and IT admins spend their precious time and be more productive and effective on things they need to dwell on -- rather than wasting time and effort on things they are not supposed to do.


* Some files may require internet access.

** Approximate only and depends on the brand and model.

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