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The assessment platform teachers use to support their instinct with data-informed insights

What is Literatu

Every student is unique

Along the learning journey, volumes of data is collected. Rarely is it seen. A single click brings visibility to every student's story, in each class context:

  • Diagnostic test results and Growth trends.

  • SIS based attendance, behavioral and pastoral data.

  • Learning areas where teachers can focus attention on.

  • Formative insights live from Literatu.

Student learning data at your fingertips

Insights are immediate and engaging. Our dashboards are bulit as infographic metaphors instead of complex whiz bang charts and box-plots.

  • See the aggregate spread throughout the class, and instantly identify outliers

  • Access key statistics: mean; median; mode and standard deviation

  • See the exact questions that each student got right or wrong

  • See overall results and trends, for all activities in any class

  • See what questions were troublesome for the class

  • See high and low scoring students

Dance, paint, create & write

Literatu has not forgotten the artists, performers, creators, slideshow authors, videographers and pen-and-paper writers. Your learning data is important, the Paper Grading app catches it all.

Literatu Paper Grading allows you to set up an assessment in minutes, and grade student work using your smartphone, tablet or web. The app makes it easy to grade using simple marks or brilliant rubrics, enter feedback, and take photos of student work.

Live Learning

Literatu allows you to watch your students learn in real time. Watch students as they work at their own pace. You get instant visuals of learning as it happens. Immediately, you identify who is struggling and who is succeeding. Act as learning happens.

Diagnostic insights.

For Everyone.

Diagnostic data offers so much bulk information, just never enough insight. 

Literatu loads raw data from diagnostic tests like NAPLAN, PAT and Allwell, to bring the data collected into the context of every student. We analyse the data into its true component pieces and center it back onto students, in the context of their classes.

Parents are able to view kids' learning insights via Literatu Parent App.

Contact us to know more about Literatu now!
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