Connecting the


Amidst all the advances in technology, we have to consider that there still are some areas in the region and all over the world that have limited connectivity - or even none at all. “Connecting the Disconnected” may sound cliche to most, but it should not only revolve around the idea of bringing digital materials, electronic devices, or internet connectivity into the classroom.


This is where GSA takes “Connecting the Disconnected” a notch higher: technology is used as a platform to build better education resources and measure learning impact and outcomes. Meaning, assessment and analytics are needed to identify and drive investment, scale, and good use of resources and target learning hotspots.


In August 2014, GSA worked together with Literatu and Intel, reaching out to the remote areas in Thailand, East Timor, and Guatemala. GSA provided Edxis Chromebooks, Intel Content Access Point (CAP) servers, and Literatu software to re-cast and support an immersion teaching program with a technical delivery capability wrapped with appropriate support.

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