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Classroom Management for Chrome Device

Chromeclass offers a cloud and LAN-based approach towards managing your Chromebooks in your classroom. It delivers the best classroom teaching and learning experience.

Monitor & Overview

The dashboard provides an overview of the pages that the students are on. This overview is a "light-touch" management over the students as they complete their tasks using their Chromebooks.

Remote Control & Sharing
Open webpage, close unnecessary tabs, and lockdown

Chromeclass gives teachers the ability to open webpages for their students remotely. Using the extension, the teacher can either enter a URL manually, or select an existing page to open in the students' Chrome devices.

In conjunction with the "Close tabs" and "Lock tabs" feature that puts devices into a "eyes on me" mode, students are prevented from interacting with the device, and to focus their attention on the teacher.

Desktop sharing

Chromeclass gives teachers the option to cast the screen of the student device onto his/ her own device which is normally already connected to the projector.


Teachers can block unsavoury sites "on-the-fly", either as a transient setting (for one session only) or permanent (for all future sessions).

Single Sign-On with G Suite

Single click login with Gmail. Only one time login authentication. Authorized settings remain persistent until the user revokes it explicitly.

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